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We offer high quality valve solutions for gas, petrochemical, industrial and marine services.


Eclipse Valves’ expertise have been developing high pressure equipment since 1971, continually gathering extensive expertise in the CNG and NGV industry sector.

Eclipse Valves knows what works. Product failure is not an option. Breakdowns and service visits are expensive costs to your business. Eclipse recognises this as an integral part of their design and manufacturing process ensuring all our products are fit for purpose.

  • Designed for reliability.
  • Designed for durability.
  • Designed to save you money.

Eclipse global clients are receiving a product that out-performs many other brands, increases savings from installation and where assembly and service life have been well received.

Our products are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with ASTM, ASME, DIN and ISO regulations, ensuring they are fit for all applications.

As a sister company to Arctic Cryogenics and Bison Compression, we pride ourselves on our innovative designs that are one step ahead of our competitors. Our products are reliable, clever and long lasting with quality materials being a top priority with manufacture. Our valves will out perform others in the Valve Industry, running smoothly and consistently in any environment.

Please contact us to discuss how we can work to improve and enhance your operation.

We thank you for your patience! Please contact us with any questions and queries.